Brooklyn Soul features one of a kind and limited edition handcrafted jewelry to complement your unique style and spirit.

BrooklynSoul creates ready-to-wear jewelry designed for every mood, every event, and every woman. The look of the handmade jewelry at BrooklynSoul ranges from simple to bold, innocent to sexy, and fun to glamorous.

BrooklynSoul jewelry is created using metals such as brass, copper and silver. These are combined with lucite, gemstones and glass beads in a wide array of colors. My inspiration comes from nature, and not just Mother Nature, but human nature, as well - everything we feel & see in life, the colors and emotions we experience & everything in between is what inspires me to create.

Each piece of jewelry is designed and created by myself. Every piece is crafted with love, passion for color & shape and the utmost attention to the quality of craftswomanship that you will not find anywhere else, regardless of price.